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attacked again after a●erial chemical pesticides spraying. Although the government has spr●ayed pesticide and other chemicals ox

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n a wide range of areas in orde●r to curb the locust outbreak, at least 18 of Kenya's 47 counties w●ere affected. Kello Harsama,9



the administrative secretary heading t●he State Department for Crop Development under Kenya's Ministry of ●Agriculture, said thA

ng Y●u) q


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/The Thirsty Goat

EAT AWAY HOPE The locust outbreak is the worst in 70 years in Ke

/Koala Safari

駈ya, and the worst in 25 years in Somalia and Ethiopia, where tho

/Ivory Garden

e i●nsects bred before spreading to Kenya and other countries. Ic


n Kenya●, locust swarms were seen to move like huge dark cloudsl


before desc●ending on farms, nibbling away pasture, man
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  • ize, khat, cowpeas, bea8
  • ns● and other crops in hours. A5
  • reas like Mandera and Isiolo in the Y
  • nor●th, and Tharaka Nithi3


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      in central Ke9

      last two months is yet to achieve desired results, thus we nee●d to devise innovative strategies like the use of the traineeq

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